Restore hand motor function in 20 minutes a day
Exercising with SensoRehab and our methodology is 2.5 times more effective than therapy

Rehabilitations at home
Clinics using our technology
<1 month
Until first noticable results
How SensoRehab works?
Simple and exciting
You play special games using a smart device that tracks even the smallest hand movements.
Artificial intelligence sets up
the complexity of the games specifically to your capabilities.
Just put on a glove or sleeve and play!
Science Based
Our scientifically proven over the years method transforms rehabilitation of inflammation
into a fun process!
Restore gross and fine motor skills in a clinic or at home.
Suitable for adults and children. Easy to wear on your own in less than 1 minute!
Scentific Evidence
Scientific research found that the use of SensoRehab improves fine hand motor function, strength, shows positive dynamic of neurodynamic and regulatory function, as well as overall betterment of quality of life and emotional state.
Our devices are certified as medical devices
We cooperate with Fourier Intelligence

Helps with

Reduction of spasticity

Increases range of motion

Improvement of the psycho-emotional state

Speech restoration

Reduces habitual non-use syndrome
Cerebral palsy
Increases perseverance

The emergence of new neural connections

Improves physical functions of the hand

Develops movements

Reduces involuntary movements
Returns lost hand functions

Improves brain activity

Improves coordination
Other neurological disorders
Multiple sclerosis

Parkinson's disease

Spinal cord injury

Peripheral neuropathy

Post-traumatic neuropathies of the ulnar and radial nerve

Cerebrovascular disease
Try SensoRehab online
The features of the online version are the same
as the actual games

You can:

Play the games with the mouse

Check out progress statistics

See the simplicity of the interface for yourself
      SensoRehab Advantages
      • 2.5 times quicker results
        Compared to traditional methods, our methodology allows you to achieve results 2.5 times faster, and the probability of recovery is more than 95%

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      • Rehab at home
        Cozy and supportive home environment will make rehabilitation even more effective
      • Visible result
        You will see the dynamics of recovery
        and you can track your progress
      • Recognized methodology
        Our methodology has a class 1A of evidence-based medicine and is used all over the world

        See the certificate
      • Simplicity of use
        It only takes a minute to put on the glove and
        it's easy to do without help, also it's possible to practice in any position: sitting and lying down
      • Exciting games
        Over 17 exercising games (new ones released regularly) designed to improve cognitive function, motor skills and emotional state
      • Support
        We will answer all your questions and advise
        how to get results quicker
      • Great mood
        Significant mood improvement through an exciting rehabilitation process and achieved results
      Doctors' reviews
      • Ternovoy K.
        Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences
        After conducting a series of studies, we have identified a clear pattern between an increase in rehabilitation potential, a decrease in rehabilitation time, and a decrease in the severity of neurological deficits when using the SensoRehab rehabilitation complex.

      • Ivanova G.
        DMS, Professor, Chairman of the Union of Rehabilitologists of Russia
        The Union of Rehabilitologists is always striving to introduce new technologies into the rehabilitation process and sensory gloves are the best example of that.

        See the report
      • Kostenko E.
        DMS, Professor
        With the help of SensoRehab, we noted an improvement in the subject-manipulative activity of patients, as well as their subjective improvement in well-being, mood, cognitive status and emotional state

        See the report
      What's in the kit?
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      4 steps to a healthy hand
      Open the app on a PC and connect the glove or sleeve
      Get ready
      We recommend stretching your hand with a massage ball or just rubbing your hands together
      Get busy! On average 20 minutes a day is enough but if you are tired it is better to rest and play more later
      To achieve your goal you need to exercise every day or at least every other day.
      Will it work for you?
      Get a free consultation from the professor!
      • Prokopenko S.
        • Neurologist
        • Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor
        • Scientific Supervisor of the Department of Neurology and Neurorehabilitation
        • Head of the Department of Neurological Diseases
        • Scientific Director of the Center for Neurology
          and neurorehabilitation of FMBA
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